Sunday, April 22, 2012

vocabulary :)

This semestre I learnt many vocabulary, I decided to present them to you under shape " wordle " because I like the concept of this application :)

So this is the link : my wordle ! , sorry but I did not manage to put the image directly... :(

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Perspective on teaching : Lee Shulman

1. What kind of campusdid the woman speak about ?
-Sport campus
-Cheerleader campus
-Technologic campus
-Math campus
-science campus

2." We believe that investing in teachers and in teaching is the key to solve the problem of .............  ...... ?”
k-12 education

3.Lee Shulman was the graduate school adviser of the woman ? True or False ?
True .

4."You have to take this set of mistery ingredients and transform it........ ?”

5. How is called the person who put people to sleep in camparison with teacher ?
            a) a dentist
            b) a surgeon
            c) an anesthesiogist
            d) a optician

c) an anesthesiogist

6. What adjectivies did he use to qualify this profession?
- the most amerding
-the most exciting
- the most challenging profession

7. He compares teaching with :
            a) cooking
            b) writing
            c) dancing
            d) sleeping
a) cooking

8.  What’s the name of the French author?
Pierre Bayard

9.”The book is a very serious book. And it’s something that is a response to ……….. of  all of us .”
The experience.

10. Who teach about evolution and natural selection ?
a) physical teacher
b) history teacher
c) literature teacher
d) biology teacher
d) biology teacher

11.”Bayard points it. That …….. really  reads a book!”

12. The most wonderful classroom is a quiet classroom. True or false ?

13. “There is intelligent, exercise of talent and those who are ....................…...?”

Competing exercise of the talent.

14. Lee Shulman reads the book of  Bayard. True or false ?

15. “ when you read, you are reading…… ?

16. What is the title of the blog from the daily NY times ?

“ Speaking up for patient safety and survival better hand washing technology.”

17. Hand wash is the …..  cause of death in America.
            a) the 1st
            b) the 2nd
            c) the 3rd
            d) the 4th
d) the 4th

18. “ Everybody on the team is……….for everybody else work”

19. What event does concisely happen in a classroom ?
Homework check.

20. Lee Shulman compares the teachers ‘habit to those of medicine . True or False.

Friday, April 13, 2012

La Bayadère, Noureev :)

Yesterday, I saw a ballet of dance in the Opera Garnier, it was AMAZING !

I saw The Bayadère of the big Noureev :) 

I put you a video at the act 3: " the kingdom of the shades" and if it interresse you, if you know it or if you want to know the story we can speak about it ;)

Friday, March 30, 2012

The Stanford Master program .

This video is from STEP and deals about a student : Efundunke Hugues who wants to be a teacher thanks to the Stanford program. This program allows the students to be a teacher during one year, as trainee to understand what is really this job, the education and the contact with children.

This video is about student’s experience, indeed, the woman wanted to be an engineer, but she realized that she wanted to be a teacher too. So with this program, she decided to “test” this profession but she hasn’t enough money so she hasn’t pay her study. But with this program, the notion of equality is very important: it’s the “Loan Forgiveness Program”. She likes a lot this program because for her the equality at school was very important, and she thinks that every child must have the same opportunities for their future.
So, the headmaster of Stanford and Efundunte insist on the importance of an equality at school.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

hi :)

Hello !
I'm Lamia and I'm 18 years, I'm a student at Stendhal University in Grenoble, and I study linguistics in first year ^^
I like the dance modern jazz,I practice this sport for 13 years :) so, it's very important in my life...But the most important it's my family and my friends and my futur, so my job etc... and I would like to be a primary teacher ! I like very well children and to transmit their basics things about the life and other it's important too :) and I have a good contact with them because I work every wednesday in recreation center with children who have 4 years it's very cool ! I like it !

"voilà" :) it's in same words who I am ! 

see you !


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

you say technology ? ;)

What is technology?

For me, technology is a revolution. She brings a lot of positive things to people, but also some negative things ... No?

Let me explain :)

Technology brings positive things, because it helps in everyday tasks (like washing Dish Washing, GPS, mobile phone ...), it helps in the education, use of audio sounds, video,computer to learn and to play too for example! Technology helps a lot specially in research, medical research ... It helps the communication in the world,between differents countries, through information on the Internet that can be quick andspontaneous, facilitates the discovery of other cultures etc ...
But technology doesn't always help the human ... Because, for example, we lose more and more the importance of reading paper :/ and we are more and more assisting in daily life, so we can asked, if the man uses all its capacities today? Or sits there on thetechnology? :) . . .